Explore our range of elegant and functional trays!  

Within our assortment, you'll find trays of various dimensions, designs, and colors tailored to complement diverse tastes and styles. Whether you aim to arrange an elaborate table setting, present exquisite delicacies, or craft a picturesque still life in the kitchen, we offer trays suitable for every occasion. Meticulously crafted in Sweden, our trays boast meticulous care and precision, utilizing top-notch birch veneers to ensure longevity and an organic touch.  

We take pride in our rich heritage of Scandinavian patterns spanning from the early 1950s to the contemporary era, and this design legacy infuses each individual tray. Our commitment lies in presenting items that blend functionality with aesthetic allure.

These trays transcend mere utility in table setting and kitchen use; they emerge as distinctive pieces of art. Employ them, for instance, to establish a welcoming ambiance while presenting your favorite dish or artfully organizing spices and oils.  Tailored to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen, our trays enhance every dining experience. Hand-washing or gentle wiping is recommended for our trays, ensuring both practicality and easy maintenance.  

Choose to invest in Swedish craftsmanship and enrich your daily life with elegance through the exquisite and practical trays from Almedahls. Delve into our diverse range and discover the ideal tray for your home and individual needs.


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