A table setting created with care is something truly special.

We at Almedahls love table settings, whether it's for everyday use or special occasions. Whether you're setting the table for a casual dinner, a New Year's celebration, or a wedding, you'll find the perfect tablecloth with us. The tablecloth instantly creates a festive atmosphere and provides inspiration for setting and decorating. It can be a subtle base, like the solid Linen Natural, or take center stage in the setting, like Belle Amie or Sill. With the right tablecloth, you can easily create an inviting table setting. An alternative to a tablecloth is placemats. Placemats look great on their own or on top of a tablecloth. If you have children who tend to make a mess or if you want an easy-to-clean surface, you can choose a tablecloth with an acrylic coating. An acrylic-coated tablecloth is wipeable and still maintains a textile feel.  Play with placements, colors, shapes, and add napkins that complement or contrast, creating elegance and playfulness.  

Don't forget the tray! Whether it's sandwiches in front of the TV, a garden coffee break, or clearing the table, a tray makes everything easy and fun. Almedahls offers a wide selection of table setting products and has carefully chosen a varied range of trays in different shapes, patterns, and colors. If you need assistance in choosing table setting products, we're happy to help through our customer service.


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