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-beautiful, stylish design with high functionality!

We cherish our heritage of Nordic design traditions. Many designers have grown with the company over the years. Timeless known patterns are kept as they are and some have been further developed by our own designers, with new color schemes to reach a new audience.

We are environmentally conscious in all stages of production and overall in the way we run our business. New opportunities and values ​​and products are developed to be long lasting and to be inherited by the next generation.

Today, the range includes kitchen products, table settings and interior design, but we continue to develop, deepen and broaden our range.

You are welcome to visit us in Kinna.
A showrrom in our 30,000 sqm large factory is available. We call it the Loft! It is created for our retailers and for us at Almedahls. The exhibition environment will make purchasing easier, knowledge easier to absorb and together we will meet the market stronger and better equipped.


A warm welcome to us at Almedahls!

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