2024 Calendar - like a work of art.  

An artistic calendar is a beautiful and unique decoration for your home or workplace. It adds aesthetic value and can become a conversation starter when guests or visitors comment on its beauty. It creates a special atmosphere in the room.

A beautiful fabric calendar can transform the character of the space and give it a personal and thoughtful expression.  In contrast to a traditional calendar with many inputted events and notes, an artistic fabric wall calendar can be less distracting. It can help you focus on what's important without overwhelming you with information.  

Your choice of calendar says something about your personal taste and style. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself and showcase your aesthetic sense.  

Almedahls classic fabric calendar has been launched every year for a long time and is a true collector's item.  

The 2024 calendar consists of five calendars:  

•    The "Fika" calendar for 2024, which in Swedish culture means taking a coffee break and enjoying it with others. Often, "Fika" includes pastries, and the purpose is, of course, socializing and meeting friends. It is designed by Saki Urata/Studio Almedahls.

•    Beloved Svenska Landskapsblomor (Swedish Landscape Flowers) calendar for 2024 and Svenska Fåglar (Swedish Birds) calendar for 2024, both designed by Inger Åberg. Inger has had a long career, starting at Almedahls in 1945 as a pattern designer. She created many fabric patterns that were popular at the time. In the early 1960s, the idea of fabric calendars emerged. Every year since then, new calendars have been introduced, often designed by Inger Åberg.

•    Syltburkar (Jam Jars) calendar for 2024, designed by Kerstin Svensson. The "Jam Jars" calendar for 2024 is not only beautiful; it evokes feelings of nostalgia and care. The appealing design triggers emotions and childhood memories. It can easily be associated with homemade jam from grandma or preserved goodies from your childhood, creating a sense of nostalgia and warmth.

•    Svenska fyrar (Swedish Lighthouses) calendar for 2024 from Studio Almedahls. They stand where it's the most wind-swept and desolate, alone on a cliff. We are fascinated by lighthouses and all the secrets they hold! "Swedish Lighthouses" has blue and beige tones in a lovely mix, inspiring us to create a wistful West Coast feeling.


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